The Ethical Rainmaker

Disrupting Your Community Foundation

Episode Summary

“...while we know that systemic racism is real and we know that funders aren’t really supporting and investing in brown and black communities, when you see the data, it's staggering. And it's amazing to me how complacent we can get sometimes, even in our advocacy.” Community foundations are supposed to serve their communities! But many community foundations use the same donor-centrism philosophies that our nonprofits do, centering white communities and wealth. In this episode, Heather Infantry, a fundraiser, executive director and organizer, tells us the story of how she called out her local community foundation and started a huge transformational shift in her community of Atlanta, Georgia.

Episode Notes

A long time advocate for justice and the arts, Heather identifies as a “foot soldier for Black liberation,” and has had incredible success organizing a disruption of her local community foundation. She’s amazing and we can all learn from the incredible work she outlines for us in this episode. Here are links for content mentioned in the show (and sign up for our mailing list?):


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