The Ethical Rainmaker

Heal Yourself to Transform Society

Episode Summary

“ activists...we really need to undertake our own healing as a way of transforming society. If we try to transform society from the level of consciousness that’s still traumatized and it’s reactive, then we are recreating the same patterns that have oppressed us.” In this episode, Michelle talks with Victoria Santos, a deep healer, community organizer, and brilliant facilitator who shares her self-healing journey after trauma and burnout. Listen as she shares wisdom around what we need to release and practice to serve a better society.

Episode Notes

If our goal is to be in community and work with or help others, we must first work within ourselves - taking on the healing process to not recreate the patterns that have oppressed us. Healer, facilitator, and npo executive Victoria Santos describes her journey through personal trauma and burnout through community organizing and her holistic healing journey. We dropped a lot of references, so here are links for some of the content we mentioned in the show (and sign up for our mailing list to get ahold of episodes early and learn more about these topics):

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