The Ethical Rainmaker

Patagonia did WHAT? ft Andy King

Episode Summary

What's up with the controversies around Patagonia’s generosity? Fraud in Captain Tom’s household? BrewDog’s shock tactics and hypocrisy? Tokenism of Indigenous Tribes at Forterra? Michelle is discussing shock tactics, wealth hoarding, trust issues and more, with "The UK’s most influential fundraiser,” Andy King!

Episode Notes

"If you're giving back, maybe you should just stop taking." Wow, so much to say about current events in the world of nonprofits and philanthropy including ridiculous claims and unethical, dishonest behavior from UK's famous BrewDog, dishonest partnership and tokenization at Forterra in Seattle, the relationship between extractive practices, power hoarding and Patagonia, and beloved Captain Tom and his daughter, mourning through greed! Show notes can be found at

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