The Ethical Rainmaker

Rewind: White Women as Gatekeepers w/ Fleur Larsen

Episode Summary

“A lot of us, white women, are coming to our work with some deep martyrdom as the motivator. And this equation of ‘my worth is dependent on how helpful I am…’ well, helping is just the sunny-side of control.” We're on spring break! And since so many new listeners have joined us lately, we’re going to air our most popular episode from Season 1: White Women as Gatekeepers, featuring Fleur Larsen! With white women as the primary demographic of the nonprofit workforce, this episode begins addressing white women in their role as gatekeepers. In this episode, Fleur Larsen, a DEI consultant and a white woman, talks with Michelle to answer questions like: Why are there so many white DEI consultants making money off of racism? What does gatekeeping look like? How do you know you are gatekeeping and what should you do when you are called out? How do you call out a gatekeeper?

Episode Notes

While many awful DEI practices exist, Fleur has built a reputation of accountability and truly showing up. She mentions many great assets in this episode, which we've linked to below. Check out her upcoming workshops here.


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