The Ethical Rainmaker

Why White People Have A Hard Time Being Real ft Fleur Larsen

Episode Summary

Back by popular demand: "White Lady Wrangler," Fleur Larsen! Fleur joins Michelle to talk about white nonsense in the workplace, mean girls, martyrdom, tone policing, connection over correction, perfectionism, accountability and cringe-worthy behavior. We could have sector wide transformation if white women could center and hold a clear commitment to racial equity. So what does that look like? Fleur breaks down some nonsense with ownership and responsibility in four calls to action.

Episode Notes

Fleur drops some knowledge especially for our white colleagues - for example "we can't move forward until  we've tended to what's occurred - most orgs need to do repair...not pretend that we can just move forward like nothing happened, you gotta try and see what happens." 

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Here are some of the resources she loves on this topic:
+ Generational Differences in Racial Equity Work by Dax-Devlon Ross
+ How to plan a White Caucus Agenda by Pippi Kessler
+ Racial Identity Caucusing: A Strategy for Building Anti-Racist Collectives by Crossroads
+ Why We're All Suffering from Racial Trauma (Even White People) -- and How to Handle It by Resmaa Menakem via Ten Percent Happier
+ A Call to White People: It's Time To Live In The Answer by Melia LaCour

Oh and Doctors Without Borders recently set this example of truth telling!