The Ethical Rainmaker

Why honesty is my favorite form of poetry w Matthew Cuban Hernandez

Episode Summary

Honesty. We crave it and we don’t get enough of it! In this episode, award winning poet, hip hop artist and teacher Matthew Cuban Hernandez of Street Poets Inc. (LA) talks with Michelle about honesty in our interpersonal relationships and in our organizations, rites of passage, structural racism and ageism in working with young people and…giving work away!

Episode Notes

Matthew Cuban Hernandez, is an award winning poet, emcee, performance artist and storyteller…. a rapper, actor and performance coach, as well as the author of:

You can purchase the book or albums here.

As a performer, Cuban has opened for artists like Wu-Tang, and he’s been featured on BuzzFeed, NPR and tv spots. 

A teaching artist for nearly ten years, Matthew has spent the last six years working in youth detention centers across Los Angeles County, and is currently serving as: 

Oh and he’s a fundraiser too - launching his book through a kickstarter campaign!

A lot of our content in this episode was story form and on many different topics but here are notes on…